Do you have excessive moisture, water seepage, or a drainage issue?

Platinum Designs will properly determine the exact point of water entry and provide the most effective repair or solution.

Residential Inspection
Drainage Control & Diversion:
  • Flood control
  • Seepage control
  • Sump pump installation & replacement
  • Basement wall repair
  • Weep tile installation
Wall Leak & Water Proofing:
  • Sub-grade basement wall sealed
  • Wall system repair; concrete, block, wood, brick & stone
  • Inspection & repair of above grade wall
  • Foundation evaluation, repair & seal
  • Drainage control inside basement & outside grade level

Protect your home form major damage and yourself from major expenditure, contact Platinum Designs at the “first” sign of water leak or seepage.


Platinum Designs’ commercial water intrusion and roofing division starts with consultation, inspection and evaluation services to determine proper maintenance, restoration or a replacement solution. We are committed to ensuring that simple repair matters do not turn into a major inconvenience and costly emergency responses. Please call today to schedule your prevention maintenance consultation.

Commercial Proactive Inspection
Roof system service – BUR system, PVC/TPO, EPDM:
  • Prompt leak response
  • Water proofing & restoration
  • Infrared thermography & scaled drawing
  • Replacement – isolated spot replacement or large section
Commercial Roofing Repair

Please call for service & prompt leak response! Emergency response available 24/7.